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"G" Armed Security

Choosing The Right Training academy to obtain your "D" Unarmed Security license makes all the difference. Here at The Right Training, LLC, students will obtain a thorough understanding of what it takes to become a licensed security officer.  With 30+ years of combined experience in the security industry, law enforcement, military and private investigations, our "DI" and "K" licensed instructors explain the similarities and the differences between law enforcement officers and security officers.

Our Security Officer training courses meet and exceed the State of Florida "D" curriculum. Plus we give more input that any other training location, simply because all of our instructors are currently active or retired Security Officers with 30+ years of hands on experience. Classes are kept small (usually 3–10) and are taught in a comfortable environment. 

We prepare our Security Officers to take their place in a fast growing and rewarding career.

Firearms and ammunition provided. State license fees are NOT included.

Security Officer (Armed) - Class “G”: Any individual who performs ARMED security services must have a Class “G” Security Officer license.

  • Only Class “C”, Class “CC”, Class “D”, Class “M”, Class “MA” and Class “MB” licensees are permitted to bear a firearm, and any such licensee who bears a firearm must also have a Class “G” license.

Course Description:

An applicant for a Class “G” license must submit proof of successful completion of a minimum of 28 hours of professional training at a school or training facility licensed by the department.

  • In order to obtain a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License, each applicant must successfully complete the 28-hour initial qualification course. This course provides students with the basic knowledge and proficiency skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun (semiautomatic pistol). Along with extensive educational material on firearms safety and the mechanical operation of firearms, this course also includes material on various legal aspects of firearms ownership, possession, and use. At the conclusion of the classroom portion of the 28-hour course, a written examination that will be administered to test the student’s mastery of content.

  • “G” Course includes lesson material on various legal aspects of firearms ownership, possession, and using (including liability limits to Use of Deadly Force Laws), the firearms training material in the student handbook are derived from the Florida Basic Recruit Training Program’s High Liability Course used by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and approved by FDLE's Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) for use in administering firearms training to an individual beginning their entry into armed security officer career. As this training is the accepted standard used to prepare individuals for a long career in law enforcement and it is The Right Training, LLC’s., position that this training represents the benchmark of excellence in firearms training for armed security officers. Therefore, it is appropriate that this training be used to prepare armed security officers, to carry firearms while performing regulated duties.

  • Each student is responsible for reading and reviewing all course-related material. Your instructor will discuss general rules of firearms safety, and you will be expected to strictly abide by these rules throughout the entirety of this course. You will be required to attend classroom lectures and upon completion of the classroom portion, individual must complete a written examination that covers all the course content and pass the exam with a minimum score of 70%. You will then meet at a firing range facility to perform practical exercises using the type and caliber of handgun with which you intend to qualify. Students are required to show a minimum proficiency of 70% (168 points) on the basic firearms course of fire. The QUALIFICATION COURSE FOR INITIAL LICENSURE shall consist of three cycles of 48 rounds each for a total of 144 rounds to be fired (1 practice round and 2 qualification rounds). Instructors shall record the student’s highest score out of the two qualification rounds on each student’s Certificate of Firearms Proficiency for Statewide Firearm License. If you as a student receive training that uses fewer than 144 rounds in the practical range exercises notify the Division of Licensing.

Scheduled Classes

July 2019

July 1
$20.00 Deposit
July 29
$20.00 Deposit

August 2019

August 26
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September 2019

September 23
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October 2019

October 21
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November 2019

November 18
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December 2019

December 16
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Latest Reviews

Glad I came here for both D and G classes. Mac was extremely informative and professional. He also took the time to answer questions and instruct me on firearm posture. I will come back for all my re-qualification courses.

steven Strife
May 15, 2019

I've been in security for 33 years and still was able to learn from Mac. His experience and knowledge are top level. Always best to learn from a person with experience rather than any book. Nothing will ever be as valuable as experience . Thank you Mac for giving me the tools and knowledge to be better at what I do.

Owen Kennedy
November 18, 2018

Great place and very knowledgeable instructor.

Michael The-Pyro
November 2, 2018

Completed the D and G course with Mac of The Right Training. I got a 95% on the D written exam, and 100% on the G written exam. I shot 235/240 on range qualification day. Outstanding training by a world class instructor with a positive and joyful attitude. I refer all others to go see Mac before they want to work with me. I'm a former USMC Force Recon Scout and spent 15 years with DOD. Mac made be a better security officer. Trust, but verify! Mac is doing what others should be doing. He holds the line and teaches to standard. He inspires. He teaches. He trains. He cares. He doesn't make favorites. He trains Security Officers. Keep your phone off, your ears and eyes turned on and follow instructions and you too can be a champion. Macs training is step #1 for all prospective Security Officers.

August Deis
October 17, 2018

The Right Training, LLC is a security officer training academy located in Ocala, FL.

Class "DS" Security Officer School License #DS1300101
Class "K" Firearms Instructor License #K 2800011

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