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Come and experience the difference that “The Right Training” will make!

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"D" Unarmed Security

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"G" Armed Security

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A Higher Standard in Training

The Right Training, LLC is a State Certified DS Training Academy and is the leader in security and firearms training in Central Florida. For over a decade our instructors have been dedicated to providing a higher standard in training for Unarmed Security Officers ("D" license) and Armed Security Officers ("G" license & "G" requal) for the general public.

Come and experience the difference that "The Right Training" will make!

Latest Reviews

Mac is a great and knowledgeable instructor he goes over everything from start to finish. If anyone is looking for a good instructor and or just someone to talk to that knows there stuff Mac is the guy I would recommend his classes to any and everyone.

Jabri White
May 28, 2024

Thanks Mac! You gave us insight and knowledge that will let us not only survive but thrive in this industry. Also appreciate you giving me the skills to become a proficient left hand shooter. See you in a few months for re-qualification.????

Tim Alexander
May 24, 2024

Great place, Mac is a great teacher really liked how he gave real world experience. I learned a lot from his class.

Ruby Vasquez
May 12, 2024

I think the five stars already emphasizes my personal feelings on this class in its entirety. I suppose that leaves me with having to summarize what I took away from this class. I'll do my best to keep it a simple summary. I feel as tho this class was created specifically for me, and that itself tells me that it did exactly what it intended. I didn't have the best experience my first time in this field. Long story short I felt like this class explains in detail what you are going to experience. It does a great job in preparing you on what to expect. Mac is very good at speaking to you unbiasedly. Personally that was the only thing that I found frustrating. I wanted someone to tell me if I would be good in this field. I wanted someone who had seen thousands of people to be honest, and to level with me in a world full of lies. He would not, no matter what. Instead I learned that all you need to do is look at the man in the mirror. Nobody's opinion of you matters. The only person that matters is the person looking back at you in that mirror. You know your limitations better than anyone. In a crazy world I want to make a difference. I look at the man in the mirror, and I know he is tired of not making a difference. I know he can do more than he has been. I'm going to find out what he is truly made of. Not worry about anyone else's opinions. I feel as though I have been given a second chance to make a difference. I plan on running with it. I feel like this time I had The Right Training.

May 3, 2024

After recently completing the D and G security officer training courses provided by The Right Training, I can tell you without a doubt if you're looking for a powder puff course, where you just pay to receive your certificate, this is not the place for you, but if you're looking for an excellent instructor that will open your mind and make you really think about the profession you are choosing, this is definitely the place to go. Mac is an excellent instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed his classes....Thank you very much Mac...

Sheldon Dewees
April 21, 2024

The Right Training, LLC

The Right Training, LLC is a security officer training academy located in Ocala, FL.

Class "DS" Security Officer School License #DS1300101
Class "K" Firearms Instructor License #K 2800011

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