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Come and experience the difference that “The Right Training” will make!

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"D" Unarmed Security

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"D" Unarmed Security - Night Class

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"G" Armed Security

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"G" Requalification

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Practice "G"

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A Higher Standard in Training

The Right Training, LLC is a State Certified DS Training Academy and is the leader in security and firearms training in Central Florida. For over a decade our instructors have been dedicated to providing a higher standard in training for Unarmed Security Officers ("D" license) and Armed Security Officers ("G" license & "G" requal) for the general public.

Come and experience the difference that "The Right Training" will make!

Latest Reviews

For any and all future security officer I would without question recommend The Right Training LLC The instructor is Incredibly knowledgeable on all laws and his Experience is beyond words. I learned so much about being a security officer. Thank you so much Mac. I hope to soon go back for my G license.

pablo correa
February 2, 2023

I enjoyed the class. Mac is a great instructor. The Right Training is definitely The Right Name. 5 STAR RATING ALL THE WAY!!!

Roger Chandlerjr
January 27, 2023

Very Informative with Rules, Regulations, And Knowledge of Laws. Mr. Mac is the best Instructor in Marion County for Security. Highly Recommended if Wanting to get your Security License. 5 Star Academy For sure.

Kyle Nelson
January 12, 2023

The Right Training is really informative and interesting. I've learned a lot. A lot more than I thought I did. Mac is an amazing Instructor. Y'all are amazing ????????????????

Kerry Wertman
January 9, 2023

5 out of 5 school!!! Mac is one of the wisest instructors i've ever encountered in any fIeld just got the D license today! Ill never forget ya mac! also if you want to know how security REALLY is, come to the right training no BS all facts about what you can or might encounter in this profession! I'll be defininty coming for the G later on, as for now thank you mac and sue! no seriously, Mac is the Yoda of security. loved every second of his class, I took a lot of his what if scenarios to heart I feel like it'll make me a better officer, he's saving the community out there. good luck to all past present and future officers who took Macs class, take care Mac! PS: it's patrick also I already ordered verbal judo!!

P Trucker 97
January 6, 2023

The Right Training, LLC

The Right Training, LLC is a security officer training academy located in Ocala, FL.

Class "DS" Security Officer School License #DS1300101
Class "K" Firearms Instructor License #K 2800011

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