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Karina Rumland

Karina “Cat” Rumland
State of Florida "DI" Licensed Security Officer Instructor
NRA Certified Multi-Discipline Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer
Graphics & Communications Degree
Small Business Management Degree
Criminal Justice Major
Notary Public
Rest In Peace - 6/28/76-4/28/15
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She was a GREAT mother to Talisman, Stacia, Kalibie, and Satchel. A great wife, daughter, artist, teacher, and mentor to many and LOVED by all.

More than anyone could EVER imagine, how many times she fought her way through the battles after battles of surgeries and everything else life threw at her, but yet she showed her strength and courage being a strong warrior and fought through each and every one of them and still asked nothing from anyone else. She stood on her own (kitty nine toe) feet.

She was always had a strong heart and good will with people and their needs, she listened to her heart more than she listen to her mind.

She stood up for what she believed in; saying “no” or “I can’t do that” was never in her vocabulary. She had the strength of Hercules and The Hulk.

She always opened new doors for herself even when she was too tired to go on. She had always found the energy and strength to see a new dawn, a new point of view, and create a new direction where none seems possible. She showed her strength and courage by being highly optimistic. No matter how many times she was knocked down, she continued to rise again and get on her feet and walk. She refused to give into using the wheel chair and/or the electric carts at the store even though she was in pain that no human can endure, yet she had the strength and courage to show people that you can do anything if your faith in God, mind and heart is strong. She never wanted people to feel sorry for her or never know how much life was cruel to her. She was one of God’s Human Soldiers who fought and fought so many battles no matter what, so with that, she deserves the Medal of Honor for her strength and courage.

I will forever “LOVE YOU and REMEMBER YOU” my true and only Love in my life.



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