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About The Right Training

The Right Training LLC is your premier Security Officer Training Academy, proudly serving the Ocala, Florida area. We began The Right Training, LLC., more than 12 years ago, establishing our training academy “ONE” student at a time.

Here at The Right Training, LLC, we try to minimize classroom stress and boredom, by keeping our classes small and personable. To us, you are an individual and not just a number! We make every effort to keep our trainees comfortable, in a relaxing and fun atmosphere where they are not afraid to ask questions or participate in conversations.

We try to make learning fun, and we try to keep it REAL!

Our trainees are always welcomed back to our academy, even after the class has finished! Some trainees return to us for continuing education and training; some stop in to say “HI” or too let us know how they are doing in their new security endeavors.

Chief Instructor, Paul “Mac” McIntyre has hands-on experience of being a Security Officer with over 30+ years in the security profession, including previous Law Enforcement and Military training. For the past 12 years, “Mac” has been teaching as a DI & K licensed Security Officer Instructor. As an instructor, he has certified hundreds of Unarmed and Armed Security Officers. He is dedicated to making sure that you completely understand the “reality” of what it takes to be a security officer and what is involved in the security profession.

As times change and recessions arise, many people are forced out of work and into desperate situations. You may have noticed that there has been a “HUGE” spike in crime, ranging from shoplifting, robbery, car-jacking’s, home invasions and other violent crimes. As crime increases, so does the need for licensed security officers. Studies indicate that Security Officers are used in more than two (2) million locations for protection. The presence of a Security Officer can prevent crime or save lives.

Being a Security Officer can be a long-term career choice with an abundance of employment opportunities and extensive experiences, or it can be a stepping stone to a career in Law Enforcement. Therefore, you “SHOULD” obtain your Security Officer training at The Right Training, LLC, which holds the highest standard in security training. We want you to leave our training academy feeling confident that you have been trained RIGHT!

We here at The Right Training, LLC., look forward to seeing you in class soon!

The Right Training

In Loving Memory
Karina “Cat” Rumland
6/28/76 - 4/28/15
Gone, but never forgotten!

Cat and Satchel

Latest Reviews

Glad I came here for both D and G classes. Mac was extremely informative and professional. He also took the time to answer questions and instruct me on firearm posture. I will come back for all my re-qualification courses.

steven Strife
May 15, 2019

I've been in security for 33 years and still was able to learn from Mac. His experience and knowledge are top level. Always best to learn from a person with experience rather than any book. Nothing will ever be as valuable as experience . Thank you Mac for giving me the tools and knowledge to be better at what I do.

Owen Kennedy
November 18, 2018

Great place and very knowledgeable instructor.

Michael The-Pyro
November 2, 2018

Completed the D and G course with Mac of The Right Training. I got a 95% on the D written exam, and 100% on the G written exam. I shot 235/240 on range qualification day. Outstanding training by a world class instructor with a positive and joyful attitude. I refer all others to go see Mac before they want to work with me. I'm a former USMC Force Recon Scout and spent 15 years with DOD. Mac made be a better security officer. Trust, but verify! Mac is doing what others should be doing. He holds the line and teaches to standard. He inspires. He teaches. He trains. He cares. He doesn't make favorites. He trains Security Officers. Keep your phone off, your ears and eyes turned on and follow instructions and you too can be a champion. Macs training is step #1 for all prospective Security Officers.

August Deis
October 17, 2018

The Right Training, LLC is a security officer training academy located in Ocala, FL.

Class "DS" Security Officer School License #DS1300101
Class "K" Firearms Instructor License #K 2800011

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